A grand event was held at the opening of ‘R Georgia Mirror’ Salon & Cafe, arranged by PR & Events agency Elysium. 

Sarah Gandapur was the pretty face that hosted the launch evening, attended by the who’s who of our fashion industry.

Located in Y block, Phase 3 DHA, it is the safe haven for many women out there (We know!), because it features our two favourite things both at one place-food and beauty!

Could it get any better? Certainly not.

I was privileged enough to try out their Pedicure for free, and boy, did I feel refreshed after that soothing massage?! It left me wanting more, to be honest. 

The overall ambiance of the place is enough to make you feel you’re at a 5-star hotel, and I DO NOT lie when I tell you this.

The lofty and luxurious salon spans the entire 5 floor building space, with each floor dedicated to a particular beauty need.

Creating a luxury experience you can enjoy at any time, R Georgia Mirror truly is the next-big-thing in LAHORE!