Traveling may be fun for you, but it is nowhere near the same amount of fun for your skin. You can still have healthy skin with these beauty survival tips for your next getaway.

Are you all packed up for the vacation this winter? Whether it’s with a bunch of friends who will share your travel adventures, or with your partner planning a sweet escape for a few days, traveling can bring about the best of us. The excitement is real as you would be going to your favorite places and exploring new cultures, but wait!!!!

Does your backpack carry your skin guards along?

Or did you simply ignore the fact that your skin needs special attention when you are traveling?  Be it by bus, train, plane or your own car, traveling takes its toll on your skin in more ways than one.


Why does your skin need care during travel?

Our bodies are naturally adjusted with the habitat we live in. The Integumentary System also works on the same principle. We don’t want to confuse you with all the complex medical terminologies but it’s as simple as adjusting to the temperatures, moisture levels in the air and mineral composition of the water.

But when we travel, everything around us changes and our bodies need time to adapt to the new environment. Your role is to complement and aid your body systems to function well by taking just a few precautionary measures.

With just a little care, you can have fresh, glowing, healthy skin even when you are taking flights and going places. Here are the top skin survival tips by industry experts and dermatologists for your next getaway.

Tips to keep your skin healthy while traveling

1. Go easy on the makeup

Of course, you want to look your best because you have to take infinite selfies and post visual updates of your experience with your social circles. However, consider the impact on your skin before you apply heavy coats of mascara, foundations and dark lipsticks. Having layers of makeup on your face for long hours during traveling can be disastrous for your skin.  Go easy on the makeup, apply your favorite moisturizing lotion during the travel and use makeup later when you finally reach your new spot. If it’s for the sake of selfies, there’s a ton of apps available for makeup filters.  Think of it as an elimination diet for your face.



2. Pack what’s needed

If you are traveling abroad, make sure to take your high-end facial products along because you may not find your skin buddies easily in a new country and even if you do, they may be really expensive. Body lotions, soaps, talcum powders and shower gels are easy to buy from anywhere so you may want to skip them from your beauty bag. If your skin gets irritated easily, take a sulfate-free soap along with you instead of using one in the hotel room.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Risi-Leanne Baranza – the editor in chief of a beauty and spa industry publication, says that you should apply intense moisturizer the night before you leave your home. She’s not the only one. All industry experts recommend to keep your skin moisturized to cancel the dehydrating effects of traveling like cabin pressure etc. Moisturization does to skin what water does to our bodies. In short, keep your skin hydrated.

4. Blot Out Oily Skin

Oily skin can get hard to tackle when you are traveling. The safe answer is to have blotting papers or rice papers to dab the excess oil.  This helps because they don’t take out the moisture but only take away what’s not needed. Dab the T-zone as often as necessary for a fresh skin.

5. Eye puffiness

Long trips can cause eye puffiness and redness when you are watching a movie to kill your time or reading a book. Take crushed ice in a washcloth to treat eye puffiness. For redness, use eye drops and take a quick nap so that your eyes wake up fresh. Your eyes can tell a lot about your personality, your health and your day. A little care can make your trip a “must remember”.

6. Do NOT touch

Dermatologist, Erin Welch says to keep your hands off your face while you are traveling. On your way, you can pick up a million bacteria which may result in a skin problem, so it’s best not to touch your face. If you are short of time and you need to apply makeup before you get off your transit, make sure you wash your hands with an antibacterial to kill the disease-carrying bacteria.


7. Take Your Cleanser with You

Even though we have talked about it earlier, but if you have space for only one beauty product, make sure it’s your cleanser.


8. Get Your Beauty Nap

Dermatologists recommend taking a beauty nap on during your travel. Take a sleep mask and give your skin the rest it deserves in order to look fresh and healthy.

With these skin care hacks, you can enjoy your trips without having to worry about any potential damage to your appearance.


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