The Hum Awards 2017 was an extravagant affair, graced by all the top-notch celebrities of Pakistan’s showbiz industry dazzling the event in their beautiful bespoke gowns and dapper suits. Although the awards were held in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan, a number of reputable personalities attending the ceremony can not seem to get over the dilemma of stars dressed in western attire.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, occasionally known for his rhetoric on orthodox Muslim views and sentiments, and who bagged the award for Best Actor for Mann Mayal, took to his Facebook to express his very public views:

Hamza himself was dressed in a plain and simple black ‘Shalwar Kameez’ cum waistcoat which in his perspective gives weightage to the fact that he was representing Pakistani culture. Abbasi undoubtedly leaves no stone unturned in taking a hit back at the taunting remark he was criticized with.

Just recently, veteran actress and performer Noor Bukhari was the first one to point fingers at the missing ‘Pakistani culture’ at the Lux Style Awards.

She slammed actresses for dressing up in western gowns by saying:

“No one wanted to look like a Pakistani they were all looking like Bollywood stars, I am sure the show must have rocked every one last night but I got very disappointed by the actresses wearing such dresses because all these ladies play very bhenji roles in Drama’s ‘Seedhi Saadhi, Bholi Bhaali’.”

It looks like Hamza isn’t the only one addressing the grave problem of the missing ‘Pakistani culture’ at Award shows hosted in the country.

There are many others following stance on this very missing aspect seen on Award shows in Pakistan.

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