Lahore – Junaid khan just cleared his stance over statement of marrying Mahira khan, by saying “Qasim asked me the question and I had to answer. It’s just one of those things. Doesn’t mean more than that,”

He added “I don’t know why everyone thinks I would actually want to marry Mahira. I just chose the option I felt at the moment,”

 A few days back, Junaid gave a statement in an interview with GalaxyLollywood. He was asked the question to choose between Urwa Hocane, Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar that, who would he avoid, date and marry?’


To which Junaid replied, “I would avoid Urwa, date Saba and marry Mahira. Man, I wish that last bit would come true!”
Last week, Junaid Khan was put on the spot at an interview with QYT.