Just a few days ago, we were enlightened with rumors on social media about Nargis Fakhri and Imran Abbas being involved in a relationship after the latter posted a picture of the two together. When the rumors came to Fakhri’s knowledge, she bashed the Pakistani actor saying that she didn’t even know who he was.

Nargis was quoted saying, “I don’t even know who he is. It’s from an old photo shoot dating to a year ago.”  

I thought of commenting on the speculations but didn’t want to hurt his [Imran’s] feelings. The media is talking about it and he must be excited, so I don’t want to take away anyone’s moment of fun. Let him have his glory,” she added further.

All this time we were waiting to hear what Imran Abbas has to say in response to her thrashing statements. He recently and finally came out in the open with the most humble and befitting reply to Fakhri’s statements on calling him “A Nobody’.

He said, “It was just one of those throwback pictures which I shared on my social media with Nargis and the dancing crew since the crew sent it to me a few days ago and wanted it to be shared.”

“The other snap, which was a collage, was also from the same campaign shared more than a year ago, for a local brand which I did in Dubai.

Imran Abbas respects all his co-stars. He also commented:

“Everyone who works with me deserves respect and they all have a share in my memories so I keep sharing pics with my colleagues, co-stars, team/crew and even technicians. So there’s nothing to be highlighted about my friendship with Nargis”.