NEW DELHI (Web Desk) -Indian media’s negative propaganda did not even spare late premier Benazir Bhutto and they are trying to show PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s affair with her in new movie

As per reports, Producer Rakesh Upadhyay has prepared a movie project on Imran Khan’s life.

He is working with director Ritesh Sinha on the same.

Moreover, the rumour has it that Islamabad businessman Babar Sheikh has fixed the meeting of Upadhyaay and Imran Khan.

The news has been confirmed by Imran Khan’s new wife Rehan Khan.

The movie, reportedly, will showcase unknown facts about Imran Khan and his long list of affairs.

From Zeenat Aman to Jemima Goldsmith, according to India TV Imran Khan has dated a lot of women in his life.

The author of a biography on Imran Khan’s life, claimed that Imran and Benazir were romantically involved and had intimate relationship when they studied together in Oxford University.

As per book’s writer Christopher Sandford, Imran was quite serious about his relationship with Benazir as he made her meet with his ammi (mother).

However, their relationship went south when Benazir started creating distance with him owing to political and family pressure.

The truth behind their secret relationship got revealed when Sandford interviewed Imran and his former wife Jamima for the book.

However, Imran later rubbished the matter.

Let’s see if the movie will reveal the deep dark secrets of Imran Khan’s life.

Courtesy: IndiaTV