KARACHI (Web Desk) – Civil society group Kumak Pakistan has announced that it will play Amjad Sabri’s kalaam at different locations of Karachi on June 29th (Wednesday), exactly after one week of his brutal assassination in Liaqatabad.

Renowned qawwal Amjad Sabri shot dead in Karachi



The move is aimed to celebrate Sabri’s work and the traditional qawwal art form that was passed down to him by his ancestors.

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“One more fallen hero in Karachi and once more, there are millions of grieving hearts across Pakistan. One more day when all of us are sad, yet all of us are trying to hide our tears from those around us. There’s a strange sense of helplessness in the air again, and a lot of anger too,” Kumak Pakistan wrote in a post on Facebook.

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“We urge you to do the same! Whether you are in Karachi or in any other city, gather your friends and go play his kalaam at bazaars, play his kalaam in your street when night cricket is going on, play his kalaam on your rooftops, roll down those windows and play his kalaam in your cars during a traffic jam.

“Let June 29th/23rd Ramazan be a night that is as lively as the person who we’ve just lost,” the post reads.