MUMBAI – Not so long ago, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan was found suffering from high-grade neuroendocrine cancer after he felt an acute pain that had left him drained and exhausted.

He took to Twitter to share the news about his cancer in March 2018. Since then celebrities and fans from all over the world have been pouring into their support wishing and praying for his good health.

Recently A good news circulated that the international actor has once again got back to the grind of making movies, after returning to India following his treatment.

Here’s how Irrfan Khan is fighting cancer with a smile on his face

Now, Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar took to Facebook had shared a note of gratitude, revealing how difficult times were last year, how 2018 felt like the longest year of their lives and how even strangers became angels at the time.

Here is the post by Irrfan Khan’s wife:

“Longest year of our life . Time was never measured with pain and hope at the same time ever.while we take our babysteps back to work,to life I am submerged in prayers wishes and faith from friends relatives strangers and a connection with universe which gives us a small chance for this new start. It seems unbelievable …never ever I realized the meaning of the word unpredictable so well…never ever I could feel peoples wishes on my bones my breath my heartbeat which helped me to stay focused and kicking.. i cant take names because there are names and there are names I don’t even know who played angels. Sorry for not been able to answer individually but I know what you mean to us. I don’t see beyond one day and that day is today where everything seems fine. For today we go back to work.and the dance and song of life continues. Thank you for believing in your prayers,” Sutapa’s post read.

Is Irrfan Khan coming back home for Hindi Medium sequel?

Earlier in April, After returning back to showbiz, Irrfan Khan had shared a moving message on Twitter, expressing his gratitude and thanked his fans for their love and support. The Hindi Medium star wrote, “Maybe somewhere in the pursuit of winning, we forget how much it means to be loved. In our vulnerability, we are reminded. As I leave my footprints onto these steps of my life, I want to pause to be grateful for receiving your immense love and support, it soothed me in my process of healing. So I travel back to you, thanking you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thanking God, Irrfan Khan had now fully recovered from Cancer and is already back to work. Also, the brave star had announced that he will be starring in the sequel of Hindi Medium, titled Angrezi Medium.

Irrfan Khan shares heartfelt experience of battling cancer

We can imgine and feel the pain Sutapa and her family had faced during Irrfan Khan’s treatment of the NeuroEndocrine Tumour. We are waiting excitedly to watch Irrfan Khan back on the big screens with his magical acting skills.