Deepika Padukone, Bollywood’s leading lady who recently made her way into Hollywood with her debut role in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, has time and again been mistaken by local US journalists as Priyanka Chopra, who rose to fame in Hollywood much earlier with debut TV series Quantico.

Deepika had set a trend of ignoring this name-calling by choosing not to reply to foreign media at all, however, just recently she has come out in the open about being called Priyanka yet another time.

A video doing rounds on social media shows a foreign paparazzo constantly calling out to Deepika as “Priyanka, Priyanka” while she attempts to make her way out of an airport in the U.S. The diva has termed the entire episode as ‘racist’ and says that it’s ignorant for people to assume that people with similar skin tones are the same.

To me, it’s racist and ignorant. And as a fellow Indian, you (the media) should also be not very happy about. I think just because people have similar skin tones, doesn’t mean they are same people.

She further added, “As people in a place of power that the media has, instead of creating a tabloid piece of out it, people should be educating them further.

We believe that every single human being has an individual uniqueness of their own and most importantly, are their own person. Celebrities, especially, lead by their own example and journalists and media personalities alike must respect each and everyone’s efforts for the unique talents that they showcase to shine through.