It’s work with the wife: Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan get together for an ad shoot

  • Amitabh shared candid pictures with his wife on his social media for a jewelry ad. campaign.

MUMBAI – Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan recently shot for a jewelry ad campaign together. Amitabh took it to his social media and posted a few candid shots featuring the couple.

“T 2703 – Its work with the Wife .. and its the ad., for jewellery .. सावधान !! Shooting with the wife ..,” read Amitabh’s twitter status.

Amitabh also posted the detail on his blog:

“Work with the wife .. and its gentle yet tiring .. happens .. happens all the time .. bear it transcend it, ride above it and then lay relay for the potato race – a potato in the bowl of a spoon, held with both hands .. and Krishna watching over you all the time ..”

Amitabh continued, saying:

“The pictures above , let it end in the laughter of the souls .. let it end with the affection and love .. let it end .. just let it end ..

Mine eyes do throughly advise me to take action as soon as the truth is known .. Kalyan Jewellery’s the model of trust and sincerity .. and the girl in the dock supposes that the Judgement may become ‘’byaast ..

And the truth be so …  help me God the evening prayers at the Chapel .. it can be most challenging .. but this shall become ugly and discarded ..”

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