LAHORE – Jeremy McLellan is an American based comedian known for his sarcastic tweets and posts.  Mclellan visited Pakistan few years back and occupied a special place in the heart of the nation through his videos and comedy based statues.

After going viral on social media, McLellan quit his job to pursue comedy full-time. He won the Charleston Stand-up Comedy Competition and Charleston City Paper’s ″Best Local Comedian″ twice in 2015 and 2016.

On Wednesday, Hindu community all over the world where celebrating Diwali religious event known as the ‘Festival of lights’ and the US based comedian wished greetings of the auspicious event to someone in news these days.

Jeremy wished greetings to none other than Khadim Rizvi, the main source behind the recent riots all over Pakistan after the Asia Bibi’s court verdict.

Below are the tweets by comedian:

He also Photoshop himself along an activist holding sword where McClellan is  seen sporting the flag of Pakistan, enjoy watching it:

Let’s go through some replies by Twiteratti:

We must say Jeremy  has a great sense of humor. As, he always cracks us with his funny posts.

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