American stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan, known for often writing about his love for biryani and vast understanding of Islam, diversity of Muslims and Pakistani culture has made him quite popular amongst the Pakistanis ever since his much-anticipated arrival in the country.

Previously, the comedian had also set up a GoFundMe to help ‘deport’ him to Pakistan – a dig at his haters who frequently accused him of being too sympathetic towards Muslims.

Within the two weeks that Jeremy bestowed us with his presence in Pakistan, he “toured two cities, sold out 6 shows, helped a dental team provide free care to 1,800 villagers, ate 100, 000 pounds of food, celebrated Pakistan Independence Day #PindiBoy style, took thousands of selfies with fans, started an online war with Indian trolls, and drove around much of this beautiful country.”

SUCH love for our beautiful country seems to go unmatched by previous examples of guests paying their visits to our homeland!

Jeremy worded his sentiments on his trip to Pakistan in a Facebook post:

Last but not least, here is the love that Jeremy sent to us at Daily Pakistan in a shout out a few weeks ago and we were honored!

WE LOOOOOVE JEREMY MCLELLAN! American comedian Jeremy is here in PAKISTAN to talk about his 'BIRYANI EXPERIENCE'!! We can't wait Jeremy! Thanks for the SHOUTOUT for #dailypakistan #UPFRONT #upfrontmagazine Jeremy McLellan Comedy

Daily Pakistan Global 发布于 2017年8月3日

We LOVE you Jeremy! Your soulful presence around our kind has been a breath of fresh air!