Pakistan’s latest obsession with Game of Thrones latest season has brought some mind-numbing predictions and theories our way, but this real life conspiracy that has earthed its way on our computer screens and gone VIRAL, shows Pakistanis their very own living, breathing Jon Snow spotted in Islamabad!

One of the local pages on Facebook shared the picture along with an apt caption: “Welcome to Pakistan, King in the North.

Do you see the uncanny resemblance between the two?

Fans reacted to it and it was absolutely hilarious!

One user wrote, “All hail Jon of house Targaryen and Stark. The resurrected, The first of his name, The white wolf, The King of the Andals, The Rohynar and the first Men, Lord of the seven kingdoms, protector of the realm, The Prince that was promised, ex Lord commander of the nights watch, Lord of winterfell, warden of the North, The King in The north, The beater of bastard, friend of the free folk And Knower of nothing.

Another had his own concerns, “Hope he won’t be bombed… He has to perform for the remaining episodes😂

King in the Monal,” wrote one.

Im in isloo rn. Address pakro dasti iska.

Oh My God! indeed.
BUT, here’s the twist. The guy in the picture came forward and now we all have information to who he is!
Appreciate the support fam,” a humbled Gohar Abbasi acknowledged his newfound fame and thanked everyone.
In a conversation with The Express Tribune, Goher confessed, “Honestly some friends had been calling me Jon snow as a joke and every so often a stranger would say it too, but I never expected for it to become a meme,” as he laughed.
Goher added that his British accent only added fuel to the fire. “I came from the UK to apply for medical school, so having British accent only added fuel to the meme.