Son of late singer-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed, Taimur Junaid Jamshed, along with singer Salman Ahmad took to Twitter to share a rare picture of the late guitar legend Aamir Zaki.

In the image, Zaki can be seen playing the guitar in the presence of Junaid and Rohail Hyatt. Zaki had been part of the band Vital Signs briefly during 1994. After his short stretch with the band, he released his debut album Signature in 1995, following which his song ‘Mera Pyaar‘ from the record became a massive hit.

Salman tweeted the picture, giving credit to Taimur as the original source. Later Taimur retweeted the image, stating that Zaki was ‘one of the greats of our time. His guitar solo in Aitebaar left millions mesmerized.’

Zaki passed away due to heart failure on Friday, aged 49, friends and family confirmed. He was laid to rest early morning on Saturday at a local graveyard.