With the legacy of the LUX Style Awards this year extending its tribute to the memory of the late Junaid Jamshed, still ever-fresh in our hearts, the 5th Hum Awards 2017 opened with a similar and massive heart-warming tribute to the iconic legend of our Vital Signs days.

Salman Ahmed – the founder of Junoon, was joined by Junaid Jamshed’s very own sons Taimur and Babar in their melodious renditions of ‘Azadi’ and ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’ against a stirring visual of the departed veteran singer and a slideshow of the many pictures and memories made in his lifetime.

Taimur, Junaid Jamshed’s eldest son began the performance with these heartening lines from his speech, “My father loved Pakistan… Until now, I had no idea that he was loved by so many people. The stories I heard about the people he helped to the ones he inspired, I’ve never been so overwhelmed.”

He further added, “Anyone who lost someone on that flight, we are in this together… I hope and pray we can come out of this together. Please know that you are not alone.”

The presentation was beautifully rounded off with the tunes of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ in purview and a monumental standing ovation from the audience.