Fawad Khan might have been permanently banned from stepping his feet in our friendly neighboring India, but it seems like with his single-handed charm and exceptional acting skills there is hardly anyone in Bollywood who doesn’t want to sing his praises! His forever fan remains Karan Johar, who once again has taken to the public platform to give credit to his name!

Speaking at a media discussion at the London School of Economics, Johar was asked if he would be interested in working with Pakistani actors post their ban in Bollywood. At first, the beloved Indian director revealed that he would have to follow what the environment around him suggested, but nevertheless, talent had no boundaries. Here’s what he had to say about our star debonair, Fawad Khan:

“I think some of the most exceptional talent comes from Pakistan. And I had the honor and pleasure to actually direct Fawad Khan”

“I have seen his exceptional work and it was immensely brave of him to do what he did in Kapoor & Sons.”

“I think after 6 actors had said no to that role, it was tremendously courageous of him to say ‘yes’.”

“I wish that our cinema and cinema in general could be exposed to such enormous talent like Fawad Khan.”

Seems like Fawad will definitely hold a permanent place in KJO’S heart for accepting the role of a homosexual in Kapoor & Sons.