Recently when Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor stated that she would like her son Taimur Ali Khan to become a cricketer, it caused a media frenzy far and wide. Especially since fans expected to see the adorable toddler on the big screen.

Now, it is apparent that Kareena and Said are both committed towards this goal as Kareena Kapoor stated that the chota nawab loves to play cricket and is currently learning how to shoot a sixer with father Saif.

Source; Film fare

It is obvious that there is still a lot of time before the world will know whether Taimur Ali Khan even wishes to pursue a career in cricket, however his parents are devoted to him following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Kareena spoke about this when she also added that the two were sharing the load of parenthood equally, with Saif taking as much care of Taimur as his mother.