A new development in Kim Kardashian’s robbery claims that she was forced to think she would be raped by the armed gunmen who stormed into her hotel room, and dragged her out of the bed, naked.

Kim was reportedly wearing ‘only her robe’ when they made their way to her. Her phone was taken out of her hands, and she felt that they were going to rape her, according to TMZ.

The robbers did not harm Kim physically and didn’t end up raping her either. They handcuffed her and duct taped her hands to make sure she couldn’t get out of the room.

The robbers spoke french according to Kim, but the one word she could make out while they were scavenging through her belongings was the word “ring,” which they kept repeating. According to sources, they were talking about stealing the ring Kanye West had gifted Kim Kardashian on their engagement.

Kanye, on the other hand, unleashed HELL on Kim’s bodyguards, and demanded answers for why they weren’t there when she had needed them the most. Kanye apparently told his guards that Kim could’ve been killed.