Levi’s Live is perhaps the only platform YET in the whole of Pakistan that is pertaining to live music sessions, and we have much to thank Levi’s and Farhad Humayun for.

A big round of applause for Riot Studios’ Farhad Humayun (Creative Consultant for Levi’s Live), Native Rock’s Uzma Rao, and Levis’ Hammad Sohail (Head of Marketing) for the exemplary collaboration!

Farhad Humayun started his foot-tapping, body-swaying, finger-snapping performance with the ultimate LAHORE! song that all the Lahoris love to hear, over and over again.

Farhad Humayun’s message to everyone for the night was that he hoped everyone would put his message across to the masses and let them know about this ‘revival of live music’ in Pakistan.

He even advised Ali Noor (who was present amidst the crowd cheering for Farhad) to Tweet and Instagram the event highlights!



Farhad Humayun, the Creative Consultant for Levi’s Live, and Hammad Sohail (Marketing Head for Levi’s Pakistan) have collaborated for the first time to bring a platform for young and aspiring musicians in Pakistan to bring their own LIVE MUSIC to stage and connect with the audience at a deeper scale, rather than displaying their music online, which does not have the ability to receive a one-on-one response.


Previously, a lack of enthusiasm for concerts and gigs had faded out the glory of live music sessions. 


Farhad Humayun, one of the most talented and multi-skilled musicians in Pakistan (drummer and vocalist of Overload-the Band), is to be held responsible for the revival of Rock Culture and Live Sessions in Lahore, which we had so conveniently forgotten about.


It wasn’t long before Pakistan Media also became aware of this exciting ‘revival’, and therefore the press and paparazzi were there to cover the event.


Levi’s Live music sessions will be held once a month, for a period of ten months, according to Riot Studios’ owner Farhad Humayun.


Experiencing the live music sessions is a feeling like no other, according to most of the audience present yesterday, 24th September at the Riot Studios, Lahore.


Sammy Durrani, half-Pakistani international celebrity, stated, “Pakistan is so beautiful, and I’m so excited seeing all the wonderful people here. This is the home of my grandparents and I’m loving breathing this air, I was so close to them. This live music and the wonderful musicians are something I never thought existed in Pakistan, and I’m so surprised and proud of Pakistan!”


Another member from the audience claimed that these sessions should not be held once every month, but once every week! There were good reviews from most of the audience present, according to Daily Pakistan Lifestyle Editor, Sana Talat Gilani.

The man of the night, Farhad Humayun, in a Facebook Post stated:

“What a fantastic night! Levis Live has arrived! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Abdullah Qureshi and his band were stellar! Maria Unera is an unbelievable god gifted natural born artist. Ustad Jaffar Hussain Randhawa and his Punjab Brass Band got the party started.

Hassan Omer and Salman Albert you guys rocked and I have never seen so much dedication that you put in our strenous rehearsals. The crowd was amazing, uninhibited and REAL. Hammad Sohail at Levis is the new ‘visionary’ and Uzma Rao at Native Rock PR is 100% Rock n Roll. Special thanks to Imran Mirza for the audio and lighting management and lending his knowledge experience to the platform. It was a reminder of the Pakistan I grew up in. Thank you everyone!”



The musical night was graced with the performance of Abdullah Qureshi-a young and budding artist who has made his mark in the music scene with his exceptionally good vocals and a team of artists who play amazing rock!


Maria Unera Fatima Qureshi was a breath of fresh air-a surprise for the night with her beautiful, mesmerizing vocals and sang amazing covers, including her own originals.


The audience were taken by surprise as Farhad Humayun made his entrance along with the Punjab Brass Band leading the way, with their trumpets and drums playing loud enough for the whole building to hear!

Farhad Humayun proves with his amazing set of musician skills and brains a revival in any musical genre in Pakistan is possible, if the correct energy and thought is put into it.

Whatever we may call it: LEVI’S LIVE is a thrill for all music lovers who want to experience the magic of live music, which, in all it’s glory, is so much better than studio recordings!

Stay tuned for more, Lahore!

(Farhad Humayun performs his ever popular ‘Neray Ah’ for the audience)