LAHORE – Lux style Award 2018 was truly a night of glamour, glitz, and an extrvaganza of stars.

One of our favourite actors, the ‘Verna’ actor, Mahira Khan also stunned us with her beauty at the star-studded affair. Along with that, she was also presented with the ‘Best Actress Award’for her hit film ‘Verna’, presented by Javaid Sheikh and Mawra Hocane.

However, the internet never rests without a bit of controversy. And it all started with (quote): “Pakistani actress Mahira Khan quite literally turns the other cheek as actor Javed Sheikh tries to kiss her on the cheek at the Lux Style Awards.”

So naturally when Mahira saw this, she was quick to correct the stance and defend Javaid Sheikh.

Mahira tweeted: “I have just woken up to such silly stuff floating around. It’s good to be aware and have an opinion but for Gods sake don’t use anything and everything to make news. Javed Sheikh of all people! He is a legend and a mentor to all of us in this industry. Would vouch for him always.”

This is what one would call making mountains out of molehills.