Raees is all set to be released on January 25th, and it is that rare moment (like cricket matches between the two nations) that both countries are eagerly waiting for the movie to come out!


We cannot wait to see this Bollywood movie featuring our gorgeous actress Mahira Khan and the finest Bollywood ‘Chocolate-Hero’ who is loved all over Pakistan too-Shahrukh Khan.

Here’s the movie poster close up for you to DROOL over:


Uh, we cannot breathe. Shahrukh, please could you not get any closer? We are holding our breath.

Sexy as ever, Khan sizzles on the poster of ‘Raees’, with his hot, eye-catching (messy) beard and that chain hanging on his neck (drools)! So badass, might we add. In total love with the bad-boy look.

We await Raees!