According to latest media reports, the actress Meera Ji will soon be tying the knot with much talked about Captain Naveed in an elaborate ceremony scheduled to be held in Lahore next month.

This news comes to us just a few weeks after Meera Ji hinted that she was going to make the news of her marriage official soon but refused to disclose the identity of her groom-to-be. The Pakistani star said she wanted to keep the details of her personal life private as every time she has spoken of “marriage,” the media caused her anguish with their “nazar” and gave rise to countless amounts of hurdles her way which is probably the reason why she has not been able to get married yet.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for Meera has been an objectionable viral video of herself and Naveed’s which seemingly prompted both families to banish the leading lady from their homes. It must also be taken into note that Meera Ji is already caught up in a legal battle with a man named Sheikh Atique who claims to be her first husband.

However, things seemed to have taken a gradual turn for the better now. Meera’s father Sarwer Shah has told The Express Tribune that she has only had a nikkah with Naveed in the US about two years ago and therefore, now, the families are simply hosting the receptions.

Meera has had her nikkah with Captain Naveed already but there was this issue of Sheikh Atique that sprung up; he was claiming to be married to my daughter. But he has not been able to provide any solid proof of their alleged marriage and our family wants to move on from this. The time is right for Meera and Naveed. We will announce the dates next month and send invitations out to all our relatives and family members.” said Sarwar.

Meera’s family revealed that they are planning to marry her off in a purely Eastern fashion. Both families have already arrived in the city to prepare for the impending nupitals.