There isn’t a single time Meera has made it to the news without her controversial yet amusing statements! Whenever she says something she makes the world laugh with her exceptional angraizi and hilarious remarks, but this time it seems like she has crossed all limits of hilarity by pointing fingers at Google for being ‘a big fat liar!’

Mira has gone so far as claiming that her real date of birth is 14th May 1985. This makes her 32 years old. However, according to Google, Meera Ji’s age is as follows.

See for yourself:

This is certainly an added 8-year exaggerated claim made by the world’s most leading and universally accessible and reliable information portals! Can Meera’s blame game really hold some truth to it? We will be surprised to find out if this, in fact, turns out to be accurate!

Meera also added that she will be spending her 32nd birthday with young kids at an orphanage.

Way to go Meera Ji! Wishing you an advanced 32nd Happy Birthday!