People have been bashing Adnan Sami ever since the singer left Pakistan and claimed his love for India. Pakistanis have time and again bashed him for the hatred he has shown to his birth country over the span of all these years. Even though Sami’s journey into Bollywood was once at its peak, it seems like it’s finally time that he has been forgotten and replaced by the new talent that keeps emerging in India, leaving him with only a few projects to deal with.

Sami has been making headlines with his recent and controversial entrees on Twitter. However, our very own Meera Ji who is making waves with her super funny yet thoughtful tweets as well as comments!

Is this the only good these two forlorn stars are now up to?

Mr. Sami became a victim of Meera Ji’s awesome sense of sarcasm when he tweeted after India’s embarrassing defeat at the ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017:

ARE you cracking up in fits or ARE you not?

Of course, we all are!