LAHORE – Meghan Markle is described as a tough cookie to crack in the Royal world.

Dutchess of Sussex has been such a nightmare to her personal staff that one of them has quit after accusing her of being too rude.

French assistant Melissa Toubati, who played a “pivotal role in the success of the Royal Wedding” ditched her plum appointment after “putting up with a lot”.

A source told the Mirror: “Her job was highly ­pressurised and in the end it became too much. She put up with quite a lot. Meghan put a lot of demands on her and it ended up with her in tears.

“She is hugely talented and played a pivotal role in the success of the royal wedding. She’ll be missed by everyone in the household.

“Melissa is a total professional and fantastic at her job, but things came to a head and it was easier for them both to go their separate ways.”

Pregnant Meghan’s demands start from as early as 5 am.

A royal insider said: “Meghan can be difficult.”

“She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment.

“However, there’s a different degree of respect in the royal household and Kate has always been very careful about how she has acted around staff.”

The Duchess of Sussex is said to be unpopular with palace staff, with some even calling her “dictatorial” after she said she wanted air fresheners to fix the “musty” smell at St George’s chapel for her wedding.

Household staff were reportedly left astounded at her request because the chapel is The Queen’s regular place of worship and even contains the Royal Vault.

Previous First Lady Michelle Obama has also put forward some advice for Meghan that should take her a long way, “So my biggest pieces of advice would be to take some time and don’t be in a hurry to do anything.”