The results of the Eid 2017 box-office battle are out! Pakistani cinemas hosted a tug-of-war between two back to back Eid releases this season, Mehrunisa V Lub U and Yalghaar! So who’s taking the silver screen by storm? Let’s see what the reports have to tell us!

The numbers below have been recorded and revealed by the box office tracking site Box Office Detail.

Mehrunisa V Lub U Day 1 and Day 2 Box-office Details

Day 1 = PKR 1.1 crore

Day 2 = PKR 1.75 crore

Total = PKR 2.85 crore

The Sana Javed and Danish Taimoor starrer saw a whopping growth of 60%. Seems like its Day 3 figures will be much higher.

Yalghaar Day 1 and Day 2 Box-office Details

Day 1 = PKR 1.75 crore

Day 2 = PKR 2.40 crore

Total = PKR 4.15 crore

Hassan Rana’s flick saw a growth of 37% on the box-office. While the multi-starrer was leading over Mehrunisa V Lub U on the first day, both movies gave each other a tough competition on Day 2.

Transformers 5 Eid Day 1 Update

According to the report, Transformers 5 failed to make as much business as the two aforementioned Pakistani releases and started off by ranking third on Day 1.

It performed better, however, than its rival Hollywood movies.

Though 2017 started off with quite a shaky start for Pakistan’s film industry with the Bollywood ban in theaters driving movie-buffs away from cinema houses and no local flick managing to make its way with a boom on the box-office, now both Mehrunisa V Lub U and Yalghaar are minting massive audiences and moolah compared to Pakistani movies released earlier this year. Baalu Mahi and Chalay Thay Saath hardly crossed 3 crores.

We are waiting to see how both the flicks perform throughout the week and who turns out to be the ultimate box-office champ!