Mehwish Hayat may be overseas promoting her latest flick Punjab Nahi Jaungi (PNJ) doing wonders at the box office and earning her rave reviews but that does not mean that she can not spice up the charts with something crisp and vocal while showing off her singing powers time and again via videos on Instagram.

In her latest video, the leading Lollywood beauty can be seen atop her car trunk as a guy strums the guitar beside her. Mehwish sings the cover of an English song Attention by Charlie Puth beautifully.

The duo ends up goofing up the song towards the end as Mehwish signals for the cameraman to cut the video off in the end.

For those of you who didn’t know, Mehwish Hayat has also appeared in an episode of Coke Studio in the past along with famed singer Shiraz Uppal in the song Tu Hi Tu.

Her latest flick Punjab Nahi Jaungi along with Na Maloom Afraad has sold out shows throughout Pakistan and overseas as well.