Indian singer and composer Mika Singh is all set to perform in the US next week and has just recently come under fire for asking his fans to join him in celebrating the Independence days of India and “Humara Pakistan” together.

Be ready to rock with me.. Houston and Chicago…. I’m coming to rock you guys Jai hind,” (sic) Mika tweeted.

The organizers of the show also posted a video of the singer introducing his performance scheduled in Chicago and Houston ahead of India’s Independence Day. In the video, Mika gives a shoutout to both India and Pakistan by saying that he is “looking forward” to celebrate their Independence Day together. “15 August ko humara Hindustan azaad hua tha aur 14 ko humara Pakistan,” he was seen as saying in the video.

His use of words “Humara Pakistan” triggered a backlash on social media from some enraged Indians, who slammed the 40-year-old singer on his joint felicitations.

Mika posted on Twitter a ‘clarification’ in response to the criticism, assuring his fans “I’m an Indian and I’m always proud to be an Indian….” (sic)

While India celebrates its Independence Day on the 15th of August, Pakistan celebrates its own on August 14.