LAHORE- Chocolates….Isn’t the word itself enough to make your mouth water? Well, one can’t really be blamed; the world of chocolates is full of some yummy treats and one can’t help being addicted to them.

If you’re a chocolate lover and particularly crazy for some delicious M&M’s, then here is a piece of sad news for you all. M&M’s are not HALAL! The brand itself shared on Twitter that M&M’s are not suitable for a halal diet!

Here’s how people have reacted to this upsetting news:


Oh M&Ms confirmed they’re not suitable for a halal diet :/

So according to @mmsuk m&m’s are haraam. I found out by a retweet, so yall being screwed too. Also im asking @mmschocolate if its halal in US

— Troy McClure (@MuslimCurry) March 21, 2019