LAHORE – Mohsin Abbas Haider sings and acts with his soul, this is no new news to us. The young singer and actor has the potential that is as evident as it can get. The first episode of ‘Meri Guriya’ was aired on television on June 27. A taboo and sensitive topic has been touched upon as the episode progresses. A little girl is raped and murdered without a trace of who did it. Mohsin plays the character of Dabeer, an unlikely suspect but the actual murderer of the innocent child.

Speaking to Tribune, Mohsin revealed what prompted him to sign up for ‘Meri Guriya’.

“Had my daughter not passed away, had I not understood what it meant to be a father and to bear the loss of a child, I would not have understood what it meant to cope with loss. My baby girl died due to an illness. But to think that someone’s daughter dies in a way that Zainab Ansari from Kasur did, and the way other parents have lost their children to such crimes… I wondered how they [the parents] must have felt. My daughter may have left this world but I am still a father and always will be. Her loss was the reason I did this role.”

Mohsin, we are sorry for your loss and may your little angel rest in peace.

Mohsin further on touches upon an extremely real danger in today’s society. We have seen various fathers helplessly demanding justice and action while perverts are running the streets freely and on a hunt for victims. Child rape is an evil that plagues our society with a horrible grip. ‘Meri Guriya’ should be seen as a campaign to raise your voice rather than just episodes of a television show.