Momina Mustehsan is quite the sensation for all young and old music lovers out there! Just recently the star-studded girl lost her patience when a local streaming platform, Patari, compared her version of the song Har Zulm to Sajjad Ali’s.

Momina went on to claim that Sajjad Ali is a ‘LEGEND’ and that no one can be compared to him when it comes to music. She also added that her rendition of the song was an attempt by her as a tribute to the veteran singer because in her eyes she has the utmost respect for him.

Have a look at Sajjad Ali and Momina Mustehsan’s face-off video made by Patari!

The ultimate face-off between SAJJAD ALI OFFICIAL and Momina Mustehsan!#PatariTeeliWho sang "Har Zulm" better? For Sajjad Ali, click here: Momina Mustehsab, check this: to the owner of videos)

Publicado por Patari em Quinta, 25 de maio de 2017

Unfortunately for Patari, their very own #PatariTeeli didn’t end up working for them! Here is what their followers had to say:

Patari definitely got on this guy’s nerves
There there, easy boy!
And it goes on and on and on..

Any thoughts on this?