Looking up to Bollywood secretly, this was bound to happen to our movies one day or the other!

Now an ‘Okay’ thing for movies, Item Songs & ‘Item Girls’ were slowly introduced through our movies & songs, and now it’s time to get ready for some more.

Latest upcoming movie NMA2 is going to release on Eid-Ul-Azha, and we were all very excited, uptil now.

A new song ‘Chal Hug Lay’ trailer has been released, and we are in a state of shock.

The kind of nudity and dance moves made acceptable, is kind of, not REALLY acceptable.

Sure, we love watching international movies and it is okay at that time because it’s not our culture, and doesn’t hurt our sentiments when someone else does it. However, if Pakistanis themselves are PROMOTING baby clothing on white female chicks dancing around holding beers, what kind of message is being given to the masses? That it is OKAY to have this behaviour, because life is short and YOLO!?

Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fahad Mustafa and Javed Sheikh are seen grooving to the beat of the song, and all of the Pakistani men seem very pleased in doing so. (Tee-Hee!)

We have really high expectations from another Fahad Mustafa movie, after his huge success in Actor-In-Law, but we are not so sure that we are going to root for the culturally-inappropriate clothing being made acceptable, making it a forced Indian movie copy. 

Why are we not comfortable with being ourselves? Take a look at movies like ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and ‘Bol’, and there’s your answer.

No Mr.Director, the vulgarity is not needed, the naked girls dancing around in undergarments isn’t going to create any awareness amongst the masses or educate them on topics they need an education in, we have enough of porn websites for these purposes already.

Let’s not promote vulgarity in movies, because we don’t know the consequences of our actions right now. This might result in a long-term effect on society, our cultural and moral values, and us in fact, losing all of our religion.

See for yourself: