PESHAWAR – Vlogger Nasir Khan Jan has finally broken his silence over his arrest by KPK police earlier on Wednesday.

Nasir who had been reticent about his arrest since his release from the jail revealed in his live video on Facebook that the police took him into the custody after an FIR was registered against him for making ‘obscene’ videos.

Nasir said it was sad that police took unnecessary action against him on the basis of false allegations. He went on to say that there is no law in the country as he was arrested without any substantial evidence.

“People already make fun of me and police’s insensitive and impetuous actions are even more disheartening,” Nasir added.

The vlogegr claimed that the police have asked him to stop making videos on Facebook. “Why should I not make videos?”

“This is not how it should be. I have no supporter and I am alone,” lamented Nasir while sobbing. “I urge all concerned countrymen to speak against this injustice,” he added.

Watch the complete video message here: