Hello. His name is Nasir Khanjan.

And he ‘like media and i have bigwish to work n media i love fans I m making wishes video birthday marriage wishes video engagement demandsong.’

Yes. This is Nasir Khanjan!

Khanjan is a 30-year-old university graduate hailing from the conservative mountainous region of Lower Din in Khyber-Pakhtunwa. His inability to land a job has forced him to turn to social media to chalk out a living; now with an egging 167, 500 likes on his Facebook page, he resorts to his online content to make a living in an orthodox society which certainly comes to him with a heavy cost.

This rising social media sensation has been shamelessly ridiculed, abused and even beaten up for posting ‘funny’ and ‘goofy’ vidoes online, but there’s no stopping Khanjan who is determined at all costs to entertain and enlighten people with hilarious content, health tips as well as information about his native region. Follow below for a step by step tutorial on how to shower yourself with the blessings of ‘tamaatar’ benefits in your everyday life, and how to eat (more like, swallow) one too, we guess:

I love tomato must watch and eat

Publicado por Nasirkhanjan em Domingo, 20 de novembro de 2016

We’re not done yet.

If you thought this was it, maybe there’s more to him that brings us all together than you think!

Here’s a very recent and exclusive take on some exercise stuff you should follow when your lazy diet or routine is giving you a hard time, by your one and only undefeated health expert/guru, Nasir Khanjan.

Excercise for good health

Publicado por Nasirkhanjan em Segunda, 10 de abril de 2017