Nimra Khan’s mother has been the target of social media controversy, haters and commentators ever since the video of her tearing a Rs.1000 note and screaming at a girl became viral. 

However, Nimra has stated something completely different, saying that there are always two sides to a story. She claimed that Pakistanis are quick to judge, not knowing whether or what impact that news or their comments would have on someone’s life. She further stated that the credibility of research is zero now, and that there is no authenticity to anything anyone posts anymore.

If a video gets more than ten thousand hits in one night, the irony is that people start believing it, she stated.

Nimra runs a salon and gym in Karachi, for which she is known, other than her small-time presence in showbiz industry. Sarah Khan, Nimra’s mother, has been shown in the video arguing with a younger girl, who is asking her for her money.

The woman talks to the girl rudely, and the girl blames her for being abusive. However, Sarah Khan says rules are rules and blames the girl for breaking her windows, and calls on the guard to come and take her away.

The girl, known by the name of Sunderta, had allegedly joined the gym but didn’t go regularly, continuing this for two months. She had asked the management to return the money, but that was against the rules of the company.

It was stated on one of the YouTube videos:

“However, a day earlier she went to gym and asked management to return her money. The management team showed her attendance, which was a clear indication that she had been there for once in week or two. According to rules if any member attends one or two classes at gym whereas remains absent in other then in this case management will not be responsible and her fees will end with the end of due period. Sunderta has submitted dues for last two months and she just came for few days. Now when she had reached at gym, after long self imposed break, asked them to return her fees which is definitely not possible. After having a arguments when the girl found herself guilty, she broke mirrors and damaged equipment at gym. This thing rushed team to inform their head who is Nimra Khan’s mother- Sara Khan. When Khan called that girl in her salon, she started abusing and even tried to hit her.”

Nimra Khan stated that she’s a normal person, just like everyone else. Her mother is also a simple woman, and she has the right to say something if someone breaks the windows of her salon. 

This Was the Video:

Here’s what Nimra had to Say:

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