His acting skills were annoying AF. How did he even improve? Looks like someone worked REAL hard on themselves.

Check this out:

DREADING that hairstyle, Fawad! So glad you had a MAJOR transformation, like, from HEAD TO TOE! (seriously, though)


Why, Fawad, WHY!?

And then he transformed a little and changed into this:


Still got more potential though, we know. (winks)

It is true when they say: money and fame can bring a lot of change in the way a person starts to carry himself. Some people grow to be better versions of themselves, while some forget their moral values and set out on a completely different route.

We are glad Fawad stayed true to his passion, and turned into a handsome prince at the end of the day.

Bollywood loves him, he’s THAT good!


From Jutt & Bond to Entity Paradigm (his band along with Ahmed Ali Butt), Fawad took the long route and learnt a lot along the way. We are glad that he looks hotter than ever now, complete with his new pack of acting skills and a hot persona.

Here’s wishing him the very best of luck for his future projects. We love you, Fawad!