The latest teaser of ‘BAAGHI’ has left us all in chills, after Osman Khalid Butt has been shown as the second protagonist in the movie, who happens to be in love with Saba Qamar (playing Qandeel Baloch).

His role in the television serial is making us look deeper into the love life of Qandeel Baloch, perhaps even unveiling a few things that none of us was aware of. 

The serial will be uncovering the ordeals QB went through in order to achieve her dreams.

Here’s the heart-wrenching teaser:

Reassuring his love for her, this protagonist assures Qandeel of his love, and how nothing she did in the past has had any effect on his feelings for her.

Qandeel is not ready to accept this love in the story, because she is shown as someone who’s afraid due to the ‘class divide’. 

There’s so much suspense, but we shouldn’t forget the REAL PURPOSE of making this biopic, which is to unveil the problems of a woman in society if she chooses to be a rebel.

Let’s wait & watch what both these amazing actors have in store for us!