Pepsi Battle of the Bands has been a great show overall, & we are so curious to see who wins now as the battle nears an end pretty soon.

The 6th episode started with Asrar’s performance, who is always on point with his vocals. ‘Lajpaal Ali’ made a powerful start for the episode, and all was good in P-town!

Badnaam got a rightful standing ovation by the judges, we have been loving their performances since they made a place for themselves in our hearts with ‘Kaala Jora’.

‘Bismillah Karaan’ is an obvious favourite of Pakistanis, & Badnaam choose to stick to their genre of music, because they know they can get away with the kind of music they have been performing throughout, since there’s a mass market for ‘Sufi’, ‘Qawali’ music in Pakistan.

Roots opted for ‘Peera Ho’, and not a lot of people were happy about their song choice and overall performance. Clearly, the judges were not happy with the choice.

Kashmir chose to sing ‘Mendaa Ishq Vi Toon’ by Pathanay Khan, and did justice to it as always! The performance was simple, with slight renditions. However, they ended up in the danger zone for some weird reason!

The first band to reach the finals was ‘BADNAAM’, and the second band to reach the finals was ‘KASHMIR’.

Who do you think is going to win, guys?! Share your thoughts with us.