Lahore – City CafeGrill Lahore opened its doors to public for a heartwarming and lavish treat of stunning food presentation and taste.

At this cafe, innovative food makes an indelible impression on the guests and significantly enhances the overall experience of jaw-dropping excellent cuisine.

Appetizers are good, and entrees are essential, and no meal is complete without desserts.

A large number of foodies visited City Cafe & Grill at the launch of Hi Tea Platter on April 27th.

Aazer & Haddiya
AB Lakhani & Fahad Lakhani
Abbas & Eesha
Amber Liaquat
Anam & Laila
Annie Shoaeb
Bilal Mukhtar
Hajra & Jaweriya
Khizra & Tajwar
Libah & Amna Zain
Maha Hassan
Maryam Khalid Rana
Mehak & Ifrah
Myda Malik
Nimrah Khokhar
Rabz, Inzar, Lubna
Rubea Moghees
Saadia & Asim
Sabahat, Sabina & Ovais
Sam Ali Dada
Saqib Chishti
Sonu, Hina & Zara
Sophiya & Anna
Xille huma
Yousaf and sadaf