Qurram Hussain is not just a singer, he’s a powerhouse all in all. Overloaded with HUGE projects in Pakistan, Qurram for sure, is here to stay. Daily Pakistan got in touch with Q to talk about his passion for music production, reveal his first crush (OH YES WE DID!), his fears & everything in between. 

DP: Qurram, lovely to be interviewing you. We want to start with your FEARS. What is Qurram Hussain really afraid of?

QURRAM: At an age where I’m much older than when I started, my greatest concern is my family. I think I’ve been reckless enough and I don’t fear too many things, but right now I just want to keep my family safe. Other than that, we all had different fears at different points of our lives. It’s all become more emotional and about the connection to people, rather than being fearful of situations. My greatest fear, perhaps, is losing somebody I really care about.

DP: What are the QUESTIONS you HATE answering?!

QURRAM: When people haven’t researched you well enough, it annoys me. Alot of my history and past is public and if someone asks me a question which is easily available, it all becomes boring for me. ‘Tell us about yourself’ kind of questions. LOATHE!

DP: What’s the weirdest PRANK CALL you ever made?!

QURRAM: HAHA! I just remembered this one reality show we did when I was in India and they asked me to call Rup (of JoSH) and pretend to be an extremely annoying reporter trying to get under his nerves. I think I did a pretty swell job, Rup didn’t guess it was me and that’s pretty difficult, considering how close we are. Even I was surprised at myself!

DP:Do u, Qurram, trust ANYONE with your life?

QURRAM: Overall, I’m a pretty trusting guy. If someone says something to me, anything, I wouldn’t find it potentially weird and I’d just go with the flow. I trust my friends, my close ones and my family. So I don’t really have trust issues.

DP: Qurram, we would like to know who your first crush was (If you remember)!

QURRAM: Oh God! I think, as far as I can remember, there was this girl in my school, in Karachi. She was very pretty. Apparently, she still is. However, I wouldn’t really want to take any names.

DP: What is Qurram Hussain’s philosophy towards music?

QURRAM: It has to be, at the very least, honest. If your music is not coming from an honest place, and is not an expression of you, that FAKENESS will come through. The listener would know it’s not real, and that wouldn’t be too nice. You have to tap into a real place in your head, which is why it’s important to have life experiences. It’s important to go out, make mistakes, express yourself. It’s all part of the journey.

DP: What was your experience like, being the MUSIC DIRECTOR for RANGREZA?

QURRAM: As a musician, I’ve been selfish. I haven’t really bothered with what the listener wants, and it’s mostly been about my expression and my experiences. It did incredibly well, I’d give it that. However, with a movie director, a whole star cast, different characters and having different themes and moods for every moment, you have to be very respectful of the situation. When the director tells me a song is needed and THIS is the mood, THIS is the character and it has to be cheerful or sad, you have to think about all that. It was an amazing learning experience, I’ve become more versatile. I’ve been working with a team now, and you need to bounce off ideas from people sometimes. I experienced great growth in this regard.

DP: What are the plans for Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2?

QURRAM: I’m currently involved in three tracks. One has me singing solo, the other one is a duet, and the third is a production for another artist. I’ll be getting to explore three different songs, though I’ve always been more inclined to pop. There was ALOT of pressure after Season 1, especially because ‘Desaan Da Raja’ did amazingly well and I am hoping to raise the bar now.

DP: How was your experience at the sets of RANGREZA?

QURRAM: I don’t live in Pakistan, and I’m not really needed at the sets right now. Bilal, Urwa and Gauhar have great energy, and are all very dedicated. I will be sharing more time with them on the set when we start shooting the song videos, so I’ll share some fun stories then!

DP: There have been rumours of an upcoming album for JoSH, TRUE/FALSE?

QURRAM: We’re always exploring new things, and trying to find our ‘next big sound’, but in the meantime, Rup and I have been working with different projects also. Rup is working for some movies, I’m working for some movies, and apart from that we’re doing drama OST’s. We’re growing separately and together, and it’s all an amazing experience. We’re going to put out a few singles.

DP: What’s your genre of music? Share with us!

QURRAM: Overall, I’m a pop person. Musically, I’m trying to take more chances now, update my melodies and all that. When I make songs, I usually tend to stay focused on the kind of thing I’ve always done and wanted, but genres and influences keep changing. I’m listening to more modern pop like Drake, Majid Jordan and the Weeknd these days, and learning a lot from the lot. Bringing influences into your own music is great.

DP: Planning to do more Pakistani projects in the future?

QURRAM: DEFINITELY! I want to get involved in the industry as much as I can, and bring a JOLT of freshness to it! I think we need to UPGRADE our overall sound for movies, dramas, and everything else. I would love to be a part of it, although I can’t say yes to every project as there’s a certain sound associated with me and what I connect with.

DP: Qurram, where do you see yourself five years from now?

QURRAM: No matter what, I’ll always be in the entertainment industry. Right now, I want to focus more on being in production rather than just a public face and singer. Not just for music, but I’m also in talks of doing something ‘visual’; trying my hand at other fun things! I’ve been attached to entertainment for more than 20 years now, so I won’t be making any major changes. I will be diversifying my learning experiences and I’m also EXTREMELY attached to Pakistan, so I want to do as much as I can to shed positive light on the people and the industry.