Qurram Hussain of JoSH fame (and of course, who could forget his amazing collaboration with DJ Domeno for the song ‘Kama’) has yet again come out with a foot-tapping beat, this time with a very talented and rather young singing sensation of Levi’s Live fame: Maria Unera Qureshi.

We fell in love with Maria Unera the day she sang in her strong voice at the Levi’s Live Sessions, Riot Studios. This is perhaps even better than those sessions, since we are hearing higher vocals, and we are loving the range of those magical chords!

When you hear the song beat twice (or thrice, like me), you can’t avoid the feeling of danciness inside your tummy!

I had been wondering since a very long time about WHY we weren’t coming out with anything in the trance, house genre, even when we have so much talent. 

For the masses, the beat counts A LOT, obviously.

‘Aaja Na’ does perfect justice to a HOT & HAPPENING dance beat, that could be played at all the ‘cool parties’. Heck, you can even play it at the uncool ones and be cool! 

Moving onto the lyrics: catchy but I felt that they could’ve introduced more stanzas, with more explanation as to WHY that specific person is being missed.

We loved all the looks created for both the artists, especially the ones with all the neon lights and the sassy shades!

A little difficult to gauge what’s really happening in the video, since there’s a lot of scenario/dress changes, and it does not really create a connection between the lyrics. However, we are still in love with it, because it is so colourful and full of life, and makes us happy!

Such a refreshing change to see Pakistan’s talent come out like this, finally. The composition and production, each and everything is absolutely brilliant. We surely hope to see more from Cornetto Pop Rock 2! 

Here’s the song for you all to enjoy: