Rafhan to me is the taste of fond memories. I still remember going shopping with my mom and pestering her to buy a pack of strawberry jelly. The smell of egg pudding wafting from our kitchen only meant one thing…guests are coming. It was always a bit of homemade love in a bowl.

Today, Rafhan Desserts have entirely changed their look and keeping in line with emerging dessert trends, have come up with delicious recipes like mango tart – the TVC was nothing but perfection and then a modern take on Shahi Tukray.

Talking about desserts – Eid is just around the corner and serving your guests with some mouthwatering sweets is essential.

Why not go an extra mile, ditch the regular sheer khurma and serve your guests with Shahi Tukray this Eid! The delightful Rafhan Shahi Tukray recipe with a tasty vanilla custard topping is bound to leave your guests not stopping on just one bite! It also looks good to have a different Eid trolley menu every year.