Indian director Ram Gopal Verma of Rangeela and Satya fame has always been one to speak his mind even if it offends the other person. He has time and again been a kick starter to controversies and is now yet once again, making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This time his fish in the trap is none other than Pakistan’s ‘bhabhi’ and Indian tennis champion, Sania Mirza. RGV took aim at the tennis player by uploading an explicit and highly offensive picture of Mirza on his Instagram handle.

Though the director is being slammed on social media for posting an offensive picture of the player that exposes her in a very awkward way, RGV did not stop at just the upload but even added a caption to it which says,

A girl told someone, MBSLBCI reminded her of,though she was very good at Tennis her father refused to permit her to play beyond a age because she will have to wear skirts ..The film is about exposing these regressive minds who use a girl’s sexuality against herself.”

The director seemed to be making a reference to his short film, Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hai. However, this episode enraged his followers leading to him being called out on his ‘mud-slinging’ tactic and very poor form of cyber harassment, especially against a woman.

People from all walks of life bashed the Satya director, here’s what they had to say:

Sania Mirza has yet not responded to RGV’s hits at her.

While most ppl are trying to fit in.. I am gonna stand out 🙅🏽🙋🏽#letsplayball

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