If you are a woman who worries a lot about hygiene, or even a man who worries a lot about hygiene, you must have thought about asking your spouse to sit and pee, or thought about sitting and peeing (in case you are the spouse) in order to avoid SPRINKLING urine on the seat. 

However, there are also some LEGIT reasons why men should change the way they pee:

The Instinct:

It’s a natural instinct to stand and pee. Their physiology favours that too, but some new researches have considered why it’s a health-hazard to stand and pee.


The splattering of urine is unhygienic, and leads to bad odour.


Not only the bad odour, but it also spreads diseases, as spilled urine is the perfect medium for bacteria growth.


Urinating while standing doesn’t completely empty the bladder. This means higher chances of urinary tract infections, and genital health is affected. Ultimately, it hampers your sex life.