Australian model Jasmin Shojai is still in a traumatic state of mind, coming out of a toxic abusive relationship, she claims.

After being crowned Australia’s TOP ‘Glamour Model of 2017’, she gained back some of her confidence and talked openly about the physical and mental abuse she went through with her ex-boyfriend.

The model had a difficult past, and she had first become anxious when she heard her boyfriend’s friends telling her stories about his violent past. 

“He was a heavy drinker and became violent when he was drunk, but whenever I stopped him from drinking he refused, saying he needed it to relax. However, he would become increasingly violent,” she said.

One evening Jasmin’s boyfriend snatched her glasses away from her, and started pushing her around the house. In response, the neighbours called the police and he was behind bars for a night, it was claimed.

She mentioned that even though they had started sleeping in separate beds, she was still afraid to sleep at night.

“I want to guide women who are suffering from domestic abuse that they should always listen to their heart. While intervention can be a valuable step before breaking off a relationship, I think it’s important to differentiate between an argument and an incident.”

“I am now fearless after domestic abuse, and I believe now there’s nothing to fear”, she claimed.