KARACHI – On Saturday Pakistani channels broke the news of sudden dismisses of famous Chef Tahir Chaudhary, which spread like a wildfire. Many thought that it was just a fake news being circulated on social media. But, no sooner than later the news was confirmed to be true.

It was unbelievable to accept the tragic news of his sudden demise. It left his fans and followers sad and praying for the departed soul. How a man who was so good at heart passed away that silently. He was a cheerful fellow who kept the audience of cooking show engaged for several years.

Tahir Chaudhry will be missed and the legacy he has left behind will continue. Going through the recipes he shared himself and by other were liked by many on social media.

A man who cooked great food by putting his heart on the table died of cardiac arrest.

Many of Chaudhry’s recipes are available on various websites on the internet which could be easily searched. But this great man with all his cooking specialties will surely be missed.

R.I.P Chef Tahir Chaudhary.