Firefighter and fitness freak Gunn Narten is a blonde Norwegian beauty, whose Instagram account just recently went viral amongst followers, winning the woman a crowd of squealing online fans.

An up and close look at Gunn Narten’s Instagram account shows us an adventurous, brave and daring female firefighter who lives life to the fullest and on her very own terms. Without a doubt, the girl holds no reservations on venturing out into the wild and welcoming fun every time an opportunity finds her way.

When Narten is not out into the wild witnessing the beauty of mother nature, she is a fitness freak at the gym and uploads pictures of herself exerting herself in the routine.

Gunn LOVES her job as well, evident from the many numerous lengthy captions she uploads to her posts with pictures of herself sporting her uniform!

She has a special message for her fans on Instagram, who swarmed up to 12,000 as soon as her account went viral.

“Put down your phones and start living your lives,” she said.

Gunn is the perfect example of a knight in her own shining armor, an all-in-one package! She has been in the field of firefighting since the age of 20 and it’s surprising that her colleagues don’t pay much attention to her newfound fame and neither notice her good looks.

We are like a family so they treat me like everyone else,” she says.

 Kudos to Narten for acting out as inspiration to all us girls out there!