Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor fell flat on his face after India acknowledged its embarrassing defeat to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017. Kapoor’s ‘concession’ came after a week’s show of overconfidence and mastery in spewing hate against the Pakistani Cricket Team.. and obviously, after Pakistan celebrated a field day on the 18th of June!

If you think that the cunning Chintu Kapoor stopped there.. you’re WRONG. He decided to further pass some snide remarks!

Well.. here is Twitterati’s backlash and never ending roast of Rishi Kapoor from yesterday, after his latest and most recent tweets!

Advocate and Human Rights’ Activist Jibran Nasir sent out a brilliant meme to Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal!

Hamza Ali Abbasi also hit hard at the veteran actor!

Iqrar Ul Hasan’s son had a message for the haters too!

Rounds continued to fire!

GO TEAM PAKISTAN. May you bring us all the joy and humor we’ve ever wished for!