Mission Statement: To rid Pakistani society of the nuisance of hunger and malnutrition, and combating the problem of food wastage. This is certainly what we as a society need to be working towards: a better Pakistan for all. 

A group of people studying in the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)-Qasim, Huzaifa & Musa are all set to limit food wastage in their areas, and feed the poor who often go to sleep on empty stomachs, while we waste enormous amounts of food in restaurants on a daily basis.

When asked what the main inspiration behind the organisation was, Huzaifa pointed out that his mother had always been feeding the poor, and helping a large number of families in getting through with their daily food intake. 

“My main inspiration was my mother, who was already arranging ‘Dastarkhuaan’ since the last 30 years. People came to eat food at our house, and she was trying to solve the ‘going to bed on an empty stomach’ problem for these people who had no money and no means of earning bread either,” he stated.

“In LUMS, we realized that we would go out and dine alot. We saw alot of restaurants who threw away lots of food in the garbage on a daily basis, and it really hurt us. We see even these large gatherings and enormous weddings in which food is wasted in Pakistan, so we wanted to fill this gap and found a way. We wanted to break this chain somehow, and we did,” he further added. 

The idea of RIZQ was to feed people on the food that was going to be wasted anyway, and they accomplished this goal with the help of their community, friends and family.

When Daily Pakistan asked Huzaifa what steps to take if someone is willing to open up a small organisation like theirs and help contribute to society, he replied, “It’s simple: They should look for communities in need, and take up restaurants as partners. Personally, the food that is first wasted in their own neighbourhoods should be looked upon, and other Food companies can help in bridging the problem. Slums should be targetted, because these people don’t even have the basis necessity to survive: a shelter.”

When asked if they had help from others, or any sponsors willing to help them out, Huzaifa added that in Ramadan and other occasions, certain companies lend them a helping hand, and a few corporates who are interested in such ventures sponsor and shoot their campaigns.

“On and off we find people to help us out, however we don’t really have an official sponsor,” he added. 

To get in touch with RIZQ and make your contributions, you may get in touch with them through their Official Facebook Page:

Keep up the amazing work, guys!