Lahore – Rose Petal has taken on the responsibility of creating hand hygiene awareness in school going children. For this purpose they have collaborated with the biggest and most established school system: BSS and together they plan on taking Pakistan on a first of its kind hygiene adventure campaign.

Studies have shown that school going kids have the most amount of interaction with each other and while they may wash hands regularly, wiping is a habit that needs to be inculcated in them. Rose Petal felt the need to educate children and their adult caregivers about “Wiping hands with a tissue”.

“We want to kickstart a movement nationwide that stands for happy healthy hands!”

 There is no need to put a stop to fun, now armed with Rose Petal every kid can be happy and clean.

Rose Petal and Beaconhouse want to take these kids on an adventure with their brand ambassadors “Hi” and “Geen.” Using theater as a platform the team aims to turn ‘wiping with a tissue’ into a movement.

According to Business Unit Manager for Rose Petal, Mr. Shaheen Sadiq, Beaconhouse does “not only strive for good quality education but picks up on its need for best quality hygiene and health as well.”

“We believe that no child should be deprived of his sensory stimulation that he gets from his daily activities and no child should be unaware of his hygienic needs!” 

The plan is to take Pakistan by storm, teaching and having fun at the same time!

All packed at BeaconHouse Defence where BeachonHouse School System and Rose Petal join hands to create hygiene awareness! Powered by Active Media
“Hi” and “Gene” at their best on stage
Sumbul Jabeen (left) and Hira Asim (right) spotted at BeaconHouse Defence
Tabraiz Bokhari, Manager Corporate Communications Beaconhouse System, and Fatima Zahid, New Media Head at BeaconHose School System, spotted at BeaconHouse Defence
The star host of the evening, Juggun Kazim, spotted at BeaconHouse Defence
Team Fry Pan always to the blazing food rescue. Muhammad Abdullah (left) and Muhammad Walid (right) spotted at BeaconHouse Defence
PR Management by the dazzling Rima Farid steals the show once again!
Team BeaconHouse and Rose Petal join hands in their quest to create hygiene awareness